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Sun, Nov 26 / 7:00PM | Pepsi Center

Katy Perry: Witness The Tour Support: Purity Ring

Want the best seats in the house?

Get Official Premier Seats and experience your favorite events up close and in person with some of the best tickets available!

Price Section Row Quantity  
$342 AAA 4 Up To 2 BUY / BID
$340 CCC 4 Up To 2 BUY / BID
$337 AAA 6 Up To 2 BUY / BID
$331 FFF 1 Up To 2 BUY / BID
$323 EEE 1 Up To 2 BUY / BID
$300 AAA 8 Up To 2 BUY / BID
$275 GA PIT GA Up To 10 BUY / BID
$226 148 2 Up To 2 BUY / BID
$224 126 1 Up To 4 BUY / BID
$220 124 1 Up To 2 BUY / BID
$218 126 4 Up To 4 BUY / BID
$215 108 JJ Up To 2 BUY / BID
$207 118 1 Up To 2 BUY / BID
$201 106 2 Up To 2 BUY / BID

What are Official Premier Seats?

Official Premier Seats are premium tickets to concerts and other events made available by artists and event providers through Altitude Tickets! These tickets give fans fair and secure access to some of the best seats in the venue.

Why can't I buy Official Premier Seats for certain events?

Currently, Official Premier Seats are not available for all events. Please be sure to check back often as new events are continually being added!

How are my tickets delivered?

Flash Seats. More information about Flash Seats can be viewed here.

Are Official Premier Seats resale tickets?

No. Official Premier Seats are being sold for the first time through Altitude Tickets; they were not purchased initially and then posted for resale.

How are ticket prices determined?

The Official Premier Seats program enables ticket pricing to be adjusted according to supply and demand for live events. This is similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold. The goal is to give the most passionate fans fair and safe access to the best tickets, while enabling artists and event providers to sell tickets closer to their true value. The price you pay is the original price of the ticket.